Week14 – Portraits

Met this man at a café in Berlin one year ago. He came to this place every evening for dinner and he approached me when he saw my Fujifilm X-T1 camera. It’s old style look draw his attention. He was … Read More

Week12 – Portraits

Sometimes when you shoot a concert there is good or at least ok light. Other times there is harder. This time i think they had one spot on the featured artist, but only from one side. That was not my … Read More

Week11 – Portraits

Time has come to the legend Jimmy Haslip. Bassist and co-funder of The Yellowjackets. Saw him for some 25 years ago on same stage. God to se that none of us has got any older.     All good /Thomas

Week8 – Portraits

A man and his instrument in total harmony. So while he was doing his thing, I listened, enjoyed and also took the chance to take the portrait of this week. Dan Berglund performed with Ida Sand and Robert Ikiz this … Read More

Week5 – Portraits

Soft light from a window helped me with this portrait of my father. Was very nice in black and white also, but let’s keep in colour.     All the best /Thomas