For the last years I have had a project to challenge me and to make me deliver and grov as a photographer. It has been solely for me and this website and instagram has been where I have delivered.

2015 I did a 365 project. Themes was taken from and challenge was to deliver them during a calendar year. Not necessary one per day, thankfully. 365 themes with option to exchange 52 of them to something own. For that I chose figures 1 to 52. No big brainer there.

For 2016 I knew I wanted to continue with some kind of a project. But not as many as 365 pictures, more once in a week felt better. I have a lovely old bridge just a few minutes walk away. So assignment was to shoot that bridge every week and try portray it in a new way. Also in postproduction do one in colour and one in black and white.

So how to go on for 2016? Well, once a week suited me. Was close to shot a thing and work with light. Both ambient light and strobes could be explored and developed. But also something said to me, go for portray. You still have to work with light and need to improve your skills with flashes. And it will be much more of a challenge. So that is my ongoing challenge for 2016.

Please choose in drop down menu to se each project. For 2015 and 2016 they can also be found under portfolios.