Week6 – Portraits

Time to present my mother. Thanks for posing. This was shot in my kitchen with two speedlights.     All the best /Thomas

Week5 – Portraits

Soft light from a window helped me with this portrait of my father. Was very nice in black and white also, but let’s keep in colour.     All the best /Thomas

Week4 – Portraits

Not me she said when I asked. But glad you changed your mind. This is my mother in law.     Have a good week. /Thomas

Week3 – Portraits

After a good lunch, cod and mushed potato, I asked my father in law if could take a portrait of him. No troubles here, where do you want me. By the window and we grasped the last light of the … Read More

Week2 – Portraits

First out, except myself, is my wife Jeanette. This is from Berzeli Park in Stockholm. Took this an evening after skating in Kungsträdgården. An dark evening with little available light and just a quick stop. This challenge with portraits will be … Read More

Week1 – Portraits

So what to do in 2017? Made it through my 2016 project with bridges. Still want to develop, and challenge myself to do so. I had an idea to learn more on how to use flashes and arrange light. There … Read More

Bridge2016 – project of 2016

2015 I did a 365 project. 365 themes to be captured during the year. Challanging yes, developing yes. To form all themes into pictures was good. But sometimes to much focus on delivering. So for 2016 i wanted something else. … Read More

Project – Bridge2016
Portfolio Item

During 2016 I went to this bridge once a week to portray it in a new way. Post processing in colour and black and white.   Click to open in full size and se week number.

Week 52 – One bridge, 52 angles.

So every thing has an end. Last walk to the bridge for this project. 52 weeks has gone by. Many pictures taken. 52 pictures chosen and published. I have enjoyed this. Pack my bag and take the walk, focus and … Read More