So what to do in 2017? Made it through my 2016 project with bridges. Still want to develop, and challenge myself to do so. I had an idea to learn more on how to use flashes and arrange light. There is so much to learn there and that could include both portraits and products. The other option was only portraits. And only do portraits is the most scaring and therefore probably the one to choose. And so i did. But how to make it on a level to succeed and find the right grade on the project? I don’t know yet. Let’s see and don’t put up too many rules. One portrait every week is ok to start with. And I wont force it to be one new person every week. The same way as with the bridge, one person isn’t only one portrait. i will allow myself to go back to the same person if I want. And to grab my kids isn’t an easy and safe way. Probably easier to ask a stranger on the street… So this will be a challenge for me.

Let the journey for 2017 begin.

For this first week I made it easy. I started with a self portrait. So i didn’t need to confront anyone asking them to model for me. Easy start. Whew! And how to portrait me? Well since leaving one project that’s still in my head I made the transition smooth. Lets make that a part of the portrait. Week 35 from last year came useful. And since Photoshop and have a complicated relation, lets work on that as well.


Week1 – Thomas