2015 I did a 365 project. 365 themes to be captured during the year. Challanging yes, developing yes. To form all themes into pictures was good. But sometimes to much focus on delivering. So for 2016 i wanted something else. 52 deliveries suited me better. More time to each picture. Wanted to develop post production also. So the project was to go to a old bridge located seven minutes walk from home. Capture it somehow different every week and also present that picture in both colour and black and white.

Since Sweden have four different seasons that helped to give different character. To be able to walk on water in wintertime, different light in winter versus summer. Leaves changing colours. But i still needed to find a new to portray the bridge every week. It’s been a time for my own when packing my bag and tripod to take the walk. I have enjoyed it and in some way my photographic eye has learned to meet the bridge in an new angle every week.

Thank you bridge for beeing a patient object.



Follow this link to a portfolio with all pictures.