Week 1 – One bridge, 52 angles.

One old bridge in lake Öringesjön in Tyresö will be my new challange and project for 2016. The bridge is a five minute walk from my home. i really like the old, crooked look of it. Every week i will post a pick of it. I will force me to find new angles, new approaches and use weather and season so that every picture will deliver something that makes it a keeper. I also want to develop my processing skils so all pictures shall be presented in color and black and white. I hope I still will love the bridge after this year.


Let me present ”The old Bridge” week 1. Snow just arrived. This is around 3 pm and sunset in Sweden early January. White snow, white clouds and no colors in nature made it hard to get a pic in color to pop. Converting to black and white made the landscape more alive.


Bridge2016w1bw Bridge2016w1c

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